The Small Animal Hotel


We offer the following 4 different types of accommodation:


  • Dimensions: 10 sq ft.
  • Pets go outside in a 48 sq ft. run every other day for 3 hours (weather permitting)
  • Maximum capacity = 2 rabbits or 3 guinea pigs per hutch
  • £8 per day

Hutch with Run

  • Dimensions: approx. 60 sq ft. of floor space
  • Pets have access to both the hutch and run 24/7
  • Toys are included
  • Maximum capacity = 4 rabbits per hutch with run
  • Suitable for birds
  • £11 per day

Deluxe Penthouse

  • Dimensions: over 120 sq ft. of floor space
  • This is our largest and most luxurious accommodation type
  • Pets have access to both the sleeping area and run 24/7
  • This includes castles, bridge, mezzanine level and ladders, all with safety banisters!
  • Suitable for birds
  • £14 per day

Own Cage or Vivarium

  • For hamsters, degus, tortoise, birds, bearded dragon etc.
  • You will need to bring your own cage or vivarium with you to The Small Animal Hotel
  • £5 per day for hamsters, all others £8 per day

*Prices are per room not per pet

**Additional cost for over 2 pets sharing of £1 per day (per pet) in both hutch with run and deluxe penthouse accommodation (excludes guinea pigs)

Everything at the hotel is provided such as hay, bedding, fruit and veg. The only thing you will need to bring with you is your pets dry food and a brush if you would like them grooming. If your pet has any favourite toys/blanket you are welcome to bring these with you to the hotel.