The Small Animal Hotel


All of our rooms have sneeze barriers fitted so that pets cannot come into contact with each other. This is vital in pet boarding to help prevent the spread of infectious disease and virus.

A condition of boarding is that your pet is in a fit and healthy condition with no fleas. Chickens need to be wormed prior to arrival. Rabbits need to be vaccinated every year for VHD and Myxomatosis, you must bring your pets vaccination card with you to The Small Animal Hotel.

Unfortunately, if you forget to bring your vaccination card we cannot look after your rabbit! You will have to go home and collect it before we can accept your pet. Please note a 2-week gap between the date of the first ever vaccination and the arrival date of your pet’s holiday is required to ensure the vaccine is working.

The new vaccine for RVHD2 will become compulsory when it is more widely available from vets, please contact your vet to make a booking.

Has your rabbit been treated by a vet for flystrike? We strongly recommended this between April and October.